Winters' Open Heart


  “Really Winter’s have you no heart?”
A good question deserves a good answer, but Dobson Winters is not so sure. A tragic accident claimed his beloved wife, Miranda at the start of the holiday season. Now, Silver Spur, Wyoming seems as cold as his live alone without her.
When Curtis Watson calls him to hear his last dying breath, he finds himself with the difficult task of finding Watson’s daughter, Holly and to save his soul, win her heart.
Yet, redemption has never come in such a lovely and unexpected package as Holly Watson and her niece Lucy.
Holly Watson has braved the wagon trail to bring her niece home for a Silver Spur Christmas. When she is met along the trail by Dobson Winters, she doesn’t know what to expect. Her brother played a role in the death of his wife. Surely, Winters could not be her friend. Yet, there is something in his eyes that calls to her. She feels she is a lost soul too. Could they find a common bond which would allow him to could see his way to forgive her family? What of Lucy? Is she the spark that will melt his cold heart?

When a man thinks he has nothing to live for, life has a way of coming full circle. 


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