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Heartland Haven

    Mitzi Stancil returns to the town of Carter’s Mill disillusioned and determined to start over. Her dreams of making it on Broadway failed miserably, she wants nothing to do with the entertainment field and hiding in this haven will give her chance for her heart and soul to heal. Distracted by a phone call, her kitchen erupts in fire that threatens her life and nearly destroys her home. Enter handsome, volunteer firefighter, Patrick Sullivan to the rescue.

     Their instant chemistry is undeniable. Their kisses are hot enough to start another fire. Sully can’t keep his eyes off the woman of his dreams. but he fears giving his heart to a woman when she seems destined to go back to New York.  

      When the director for the local Founder’s Day musical is injured, Mitzi is once again thrust into the limelight. Then, an act of Mother Nature, destroys not only the Cultural Art’s Center but traps Mitzi with another man. Sully begins to see everything fall apart.

      Will a misunderstanding douse the flames of their romance or will Sully have the courage to step into the role of hero one more time and sweep her off her feet?

Welcome to Carter's Mill

Where love is just a heartbeat away..


Find love in Yakama Valley

Colleen Dalton's truck runs out of gas on the road to her family’s fruit stand. When a forestry agent, Marshall Albright comes to her rescue, little does she know that he is the grandson of her grandfather's worst enemy, Brice Huntington. It seems that the Dalton's and Huntington's have been waging a feud for the past twenty-three years, ever since Laura Huntington left Stephen Dalton at the altar. Falling in love was the easy part; the hard part is going to be keeping their grandparents from confronting one another. Can their love bring these two warring family’s together?


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